We get it!  All of us have been new to Swiss at one time and had lots of questions. Here's our list of the top ones:

Swiss Point PTSO

parents, teachers, and students working together

  1. What's up with the backpacks & drawstrings?
    We know.  It seems kind of nuts.  What do you mean my child can't carry a backpack during the day?  Spend a few minutes at school between classes and you'll see why! We have hundreds of students passing in the hall in a limited amount of time & it gets crowded. Most middle schools have gone to a policy of students carrying backpacks to and from school (if they want) with all of their books and supplies, Then when they get to school they go to their locker, leave the backpack & what they don't need for the next class and only wear a drawstring bag while carrying their books & notebooks they need in their arms.  This serves a couple of purposes.  One - their hands are busy with books & they keep them off each other.  Two - it gets them used to using their locker.  If your child says their drawstring bag is cutting into their shoulders, they are putting too much in it!  In the drawstring, only keep the things they use in each class - pens, pencils, highlighters, maybe some index cards or sticky notes, or a calculator.  Girls can use the drawstring instead of a purse, but don't weigh it down.  The bag will break & you'll be annoyed!

  2. Could someone please explain the parent pickup & drop off line? 
    Yep.  This is another one that makes sense after you do it for a while, but is confusing in the beginning.  
    In order to keep traffic moving & everyone safe, we have one way to drop off in the morning and one way to pick up in the afternoon.

    In the morning you can turn into the school from either direction on Greenbriar Road.  If you're coming from 13 you simply pull into the left-hand turn lane.  If you're coming from 210/Longleaf Pine Parkway, then you'll stay on Greenbriar Road and cross through the intersection where everyone turns into Hickory Creek Elementary, and then get into the right-hand turn lane.  

    Traffic sometimes backs up a bit so this is a great chance for all of us to practice our patience.  Or put our kids on the bus!

    In the afternoon things change.  You can only turn into the school from one direction and that would be from the 210/Longleaf Pine Parkway side. Instead of staying on Greenbriar, you will pull over to the side of the road in what is a turn lane into Hickory Creek.  You'll then be waived through the intersection by one of our PSA officers and drive into the Swiss Point turn lane.  This allows Greenbriar traffic to continue uninterrupted and the PSA office will direct everyone so pay attention to them.And to make your life easier, use your turn signal when you're coming out of Swiss.  It make the PSA office happy & that's a good thing!

  3. Middle school is scary.  Am I even allowed in the building?
    Of course you are!  Middle school is a little different than elementary school, but there's a place for everyone who wants to help.   Fill out the volunteer form on this page if you'd like to helpand we'll see what works best.  During the day, we ask that you're in the building for a specific event.  The halls get pretty busy so we don't really wander around, but you can contact us or the administration if there's a specific question you have about coming up to school.  No matter why you're here, always stop at the front office first to sign in on the computer and get your volunteer nametag.  Ms. Roberts runs the front desk and will be happy to help you - she's pretty awesome!

  4. My student forgot their lunch (or glasses or money) but the school policy says I can't drop anything off after the day has started.  What do I do?
    In an effort to teach our students increased responsibility and to not interrupt classroom learning, Swiss Point does not take forgotten homework, band instruments or that kind of thing.  They will accept lunches, lunch money or necessities like glasses.
  5. Can I have lunch with my child at Swiss?
    It's not that you can't have lunch, it's more that the students like this time with their friends & it's really crowded in our cafeteria.  If, however, you're looking for a new diet plan, watching middle schoolers eat is the way to go!